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Physical Education


Our Mission…

To help all students learn, develop, and apply the skills needed for daily participation in personal fitness and lifetime activities which contribute to healthy lifestyle.


Program Emphases


·        Demonstrate progress toward the mature form of selected manipulative, locomotor, and nonlocomotor skills.

·        Demonstrate mature form in walking and running.

First and Second Grade

·        Demonstrate mature form in skipping, hopping, galloping, and sliding.

·        Demonstrate mature motor patterns in simple combinations.

·        Demonstrate smooth transitions between sequential motor skills.

·        Exhibit the ability to adapt and adjust movement skills to uncomplicated, yet challenging, environmental conditions and expectations.

Third, Fourth, & Fifth Grade

·        Demonstrate mature form in all locomotor patterns and selected manipulative and nonlocomotor skills.

·        Adapt a skill to the demands of a dynamic, unpredictable environment.

·        Acquire beginning skills of a few specialized movement forms.

·        Combine movement skills in applied settings.

Curricular Units

Kindergarten, First, & Second Grades

·        Locomotor Games

·        Kicking Games

·        Throwing Games

·        Bowling

·        Dance

·        Health & Nutrition

·        Manipulative Activities

·        Fitness Stations

·        Heart Adventure

·        Jump Rope

·        Track

Third, Fourth, & Fifth Grades

·        Fitness Stations

·        Football

·        Soccer

·        Volleyball

·        Bowling

·        Dance

·        Basketball

·        Floor Hockey

·        Heart Adventure

·        Kickball/Softball

·        Track & Field


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