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Arrival / Dismissal



Arrival/Drop Off Procedures

The following procedures are recommended for dropping off students by car. We think these are the best, most efficient and safest procedures for our students. Please review the procedures very carefully and completely.

To Drop Off:

1. Our recommended route to reach the school is along Inverness Drive. Inverness is a wide street and cars will not interfere with the crossing of children on Breckenridge. Using Inverness is our recommended route, however, if this does not work for you, please use your common sense and good judgment in determining a safe driving route to Steck. Please be reminded that you will need to enter the Circle Drive by turning right from Inverness -- LEFT TURNS ARE NOT ALLOWED INTO THE CIRCLE DRIVE.

2. Line up on Inverness to turn right into the Circle Drive. (Left turns are not allowed into the Circle Drive). Traffic should ideally come from the same direction to ensure a smooth and safe flow of cars. No U turns are allowed on Inverness.   

3. Please make sure that you stop at all stop signs and obey all crossing guards if they stop you to cross children in the crosswalks. Please remember that it is illegal to block the crosswalks or the yellow areas near the crosswalks.

4. After turning right into the Circle Drive, proceed and pull ahead as far as you can around the Circle Drive so that the maximum number of cars can pull in behind you. 

5. As soon as you are in the Circle Drive and stopped, let the children exit from the passenger side only onto the sidewalk. (It is not safe to release children from the driver side of your car.) Please have your children ready to exit the vehicle as soon as you are stopped.

6. Please stay in line in the Circle Drive until the person ahead of you has moved forward. Do not pass on the left--you must stay in line until all the cars ahead of you have exited. You are welcome to turn either right or left upon exiting the Circle Drive.

7. Please understand that buses and day care vans will be given priority in coming into the Parking Lot and unloading passengers. A staff member may hold the line of cars to allow these vehicles to enter the Parking Lot. (Please remember that only these vehicles are allowed to turn left into the Parking Lot.)

8. Please remember that it is illegal to pass buses when they are unloading students. If you are behind a bus, you will need to stay in line until the bus exits the drive. 

9. Please refrain from unloading children on Inverness Drive between the entrance and exit of the Circle Drive. It is unsafe for children to be walking across the Circle Drive. No Parking signs are posted in this area.

10.   Please remember that drivers should not exit their cars for any reason. This interrupts the flow of cars. Please make accommodations for your child to exit the passenger side of your vehicle by himself or herself--parents should not be walking around the car to open doors. If your child needs help getting a project in, please find a parking place and walk your child to the office. 

11.   There will be no supervision for students until 8:50 AM. Please do not drop off your child before this time. At 8:50, students will be allowed to enter the building and proceed to their classrooms where they will be supervised by their teacher. Staff will be supervising in the front and rear of the school as well. When staff arrive for supervision at 8:50, students may begin exiting their vehicles and enter the building.

12.   Absolutely no parking will be allowed in the parking lot between 8:40 and 9:05. Cones will be blocking the entrance and cars will not be allowed in or out of the lot. Only buses and daycare vans will be allowed in the parking lot.



Departure/Pick Up Procedures

The following procedures are recommended for picking up students by car. We think these are the best, most efficient and safest procedures for our students. Please review the procedures very carefully and completely.

To Pick Up:

1. If you choose to drive to school to meet your child, you may park and wait in your car along Inverness or Breckenridge and your child can walk from the rear of the building to meet you at your vehicle. (There are No Parking areas on Inverness and Inverness Court. The spaces between the entrance and exit to the Circle Drive are designated No Parking as well. Please do not park in these areas.)

Parking in the visitor spaces in the circle drive is not allowed from 3:25 - 3:45 PM.

2. Another option is to park in the school parking lot. Some important reminders about the lot: 

  • Parents must be in the lot before the cones are put up at the entrance (3:25-3:30)
  • Parents must park in a designated space--if there are no spaces left, you must park and wait on the street. Double parking is NOT permitted.
  • Parents must exit their vehicle to walk and meet their child (children are not allowed to walk through the lot without you)
  • Parents must remain in their parking spot until all students have left the school premises, the cones are removed, and a staff member signals that it is acceptable to move from your space.


NOTE: Children should never be picked up on McCoy! This is extremely dangerous!




Visitors / Building Access

All visitors will need to enter at the Main Entrance (Door #1), push the side button, and the Office staff will provide access to the building. Written directions are posted at the entrance. All visitors will need to present identification upon arrival in the office. 

Forgotten Items

If you must drop off a forgotten item, you must mark the item with your child's name and teacher and place it in the appropriate bin located in the front reception area. The school staff will make every effort to deliver the items in as timely a manner as possible.


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